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So What Do You Want to Teach?

When a person introduces themselves to you as a teacher, the question that you invariably ask is “So what do you teach?” How the person answers that question can tell you a lot not only about how they feel about their calling as a teacher and how they feel about their students as well. Usually you get one of two answers. Either the answer is “Oh I teach the fifth grade” or “I teach Algebra”. If the answer is a grade level, the teacher probably handles more […]

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Good Reasons to Teach

The teaching profession is a unique career field in a lot of ways. Because you are taking on the challenge of educating children or teenagers, along way you will become very much a part of their society with all the positive and negatives that go with that. Its for that reason that before you make even the first step toward making teaching your career, its good to examine your motivations to make sure you have good reasons to teach. The downsides of teaching are well known. Teaching […]

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Breaking Into the Working World of Teachers

In every college in the country, there are ambitious and starry eyed youngsters who are preparing for a career in teaching. At some point that army of graduates will hit the streets to find jobs in the field of teaching. What is not often taught in colleges are the real world skills of how to actually find and land a good teaching job right out of school. And while there is always a need for good teachers, the new graduate should develop some skills in finding the […]

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